Lovers In Silhouette

Who are these lovers silhouetted
Walking - hand in hand - on the skyline ?
I see them every night as the Sun sets
Never in groups just two - hand in hand.

Long ago I remember being one of them
Or rather - two of them - Pauline and I
Then Andrea and I - then Joy and I
Walking each day - hand in hand - at twilight.

That was thirty years ago when things were ....
Much less frenetic than they are today.
We had time to stop and stare and to walk
Hand in hand - in silhouette - at twilight.

But I am encouraged seeing lovers
Silhouetted and walking - hand in hand
At twilight - to believe that despite all
Romantic Love is still alive and well !

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Just amazing as always.

You know what I LOVE seeing? A white haired couple kissing and carressing in public. It brings me Joy that they can still be so much in love they don't care who see's.

Once my husband and I were walking on the beach stoping on occation to kiss.

- some teens started screaming out at us, "GET A ROOM!"

I yelled back, "Great idea can we borrow yours?"

ha ha you should have seen the looks on their faces.

Amazing there is yet a mature male out there that believes strongly in Romance.

I am reading your work at random. I love it all so far. More is welcome.

Thank you for sharing.

thanks for sharing this poem! beautifully pierced my heart and soul reminding me of lost loves never to be forgotten...

well said WS. but, i would still prefer to love and not lose that love, hahaha!


Once aain, beautifully written. This one touched my heart. Thank you....Caithness

I like this very much very nice

Lol, sorta have a "Should have been born in an earlier century," take-me-back-in-time, "old soul" thing going for me, so. =P I find love and aging a very fragile and beautiful flower. =] People who can appreciate poetry even at a young age I'm sure can appreciate this piece of art you've written. =) Good poems are good poems - regardless of the age groups.

Aww... I love it, I really do. It;'s so sweet and amazing and powerful yet soft and caring. =)

Awwwww! :D my darling friend how beautiful :D the pictures are gorgeous! to! :D

May i thank you for sharing your contribution darling! :D :D <>

I like this and agree with your sentiments. Thanks for sharing.

love it

Yes! I love it when I look a little closer and I see they are already in their 70s and still hand-in-hand lovers. Companions 'til the end.