Lovers In Silhouette

Who are these lovers silhouetted
Walking - hand in hand - on the skyline ?
I see them every night as the Sun sets
Never in groups just two - hand in hand.

Long ago I remember being one of them
Or rather - two of them - Pauline and I
Then Andrea and I - then Joy and I
Walking each day - hand in hand - at twilight.

That was thirty years ago when things were ....
Much less frenetic than they are today.
We had time to stop and stare and to walk
Hand in hand - in silhouette - at twilight.

But I am encouraged seeing lovers
Silhouetted and walking - hand in hand
At twilight - to believe that despite all
Romantic Love is still alive and well !

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11 Responses Sep 7, 2011

Just amazing as always.

You know what I LOVE seeing? A white haired couple kissing and carressing in public. It brings me Joy that they can still be so much in love they don't care who see's. <br />
Once my husband and I were walking on the beach stoping on occation to kiss. <br />
- some teens started screaming out at us, "GET A ROOM!" <br />
I yelled back, "Great idea can we borrow yours?" <br />
ha ha you should have seen the looks on their faces.

Amazing there is yet a mature male out there that believes strongly in Romance.<br />
I am reading your work at random. I love it all so far. More is welcome.<br />
Thank you for sharing.

thanks for sharing this poem! beautifully pierced my heart and soul reminding me of lost loves never to be forgotten...

well said WS. but, i would still prefer to love and not lose that love, hahaha!


Once aain, beautifully written. This one touched my heart. Thank you....Caithness

I like this very much very nice

Awwwww! :D my darling friend how beautiful :D the pictures are gorgeous! to! :D <br />
<br />
May i thank you for sharing your contribution darling! :D :D <>

I like this and agree with your sentiments. Thanks for sharing.

love it

Yes! I love it when I look a little closer and I see they are already in their 70s and still hand-in-hand lovers. Companions 'til the end.