Sweet Little Lies

How can you not see beneath the barrior

That veils the heart mind and soul

to crucify the honesty with nothing but disdain

Did faith not teach you to be honest

What little honesty and integrity you kept

Makes my mind cease to think of what

you are capable of

Sweet little lies are all you are worth

Worthless words, useless pity, Dirty Soul

Corrupted mind, capable of corrupting others

Making a scar, knowing a way, telling a tale

May the heavens and hell have wrath and fury at their hands

For you deserve something for your Sweet little lies

May a day come when your wicked ways end

O glorius day I wish it to appear

But I am doubtful

I always shall be

For I am scarred, marked by an unseen force

Capable of scarring my soul and diminishing my life force

I hope there is a day when you learn the importance of truth.....

Your biggest lie is the one of "not" forcing people to do as you wish them to do

Nothing but a sweet little lie that shall never fade.....

So I let the pain ring loud and clear
Cut across my conscience
Barr my mentality
Wreck my emotion
And tear me apart piece by painful piece

FitnessFreakTash FitnessFreakTash
18-21, F
Sep 27, 2011