Idk Where This Came From. Just A Feeling

Thoughts flying in and out
Only fills my mind with doubt

Who is who?
Who are you?

If you do know who I am
Let me know

Left trail or right?
Dark trail or light?

Where is where?
Where do I go?

If you do know where I need to be
Please let me know
sweetxignorance sweetxignorance
18-21, F
1 Response Oct 1, 2011

In my opinion, I am not an authority on what your path should be, but as for me, my answers have been with me all along, with my inner wise warrior and guides and teachers of the light, astral plane. In my view, again not an authority, the way I found out more answers was thru quiet journal writing and allowing only beings of the light to assist me . Then when I do not grasp and I am calm with the question on my mind and am peaceful, maybe listening ot being in nature, it is like a whisper, a light bulb, insight is there. I suddenly start to write it down so I will remember it and it blows me away at the wisdom that I know my dummy little mind had no idea and possibly way of track. But actually it is possible I had the answer all along. Just dont be spazzy, which is hard to do, when you seek devine help. Hope this helps you, as i took me many years to figure that one out. For me and my belief, they have wanted to assist me all these years, I just didnt allow or ask.