Sadness is my disease

My Disease

do you know what it's like to be so sad inside
you can't see the light and you cant feel love
 and have never felt joy
you cant find the way out of the hole
        a hole that is so deep you cant see any light
do you know how it feels when your head is spinning out of control
it wont slow down and you cant escape
              the sleepless nights are endless days
you hear your loved but can only feel pain
     your lungs collapse and heart feels like it will
it comes when you don't expect it
     when your feeling OK
its an unwanted disease that comes when it pleases
it wont let you free
not when you live and breath
it is my curse which I hide behind a smile and a laugh
it is my desease and I fear it
funsummer74 funsummer74
36-40, M
2 Responses Nov 10, 2011

have faith .....try to think of positive thoughts when you have one that is negative

I work on it, it grabs though and suffocates when it wants. It is not just negative thoughts it is a saddness, and I hate it.

At the moment I am happy, I keep things regular with excercise and take control of what I can and isolate when I can't.

Funny thing is I can write and draw and stuff when I am somewhere in the middle of happy and sad. Thank you

things will be better ~~