Is God He Or She

In my feeble, human mind
Contemplative as it may be
I wonder sometimes if our creator
Sees things as I do see.

And is God like me, a man
Or as others say, no not so
But the evidence is crystal clear to me
God does so clearly show

I've read that God created women
Most beautiful of His creatures
With curves that invite a lustful gaze
To her lovely feminine features

When certain women are near to me
I become weak, overwhelmed by her charms
For her, there's nothing I would not do
Just to wrap her in my arms

So when my mind sometimes wonders
Asking if God is a he or she
I realize the answer lies in the question,
Is a woman's beauty a gift to her, or to me?
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Stuff like that is what makes some girls swoon. Others of us sit back, smile, and know that those words could only have come from a man who has a true apreciation for the female species. You keep **** up like that and your gaggle of female stalkers is going to grow so big you will need your own web site. Honestly that was a lovely piece.

This is rather beautiful, thank you for sharing.