A Not Smart Heart

And why can't I simply arrest
This mad thing beating in my chest.
For it lies and makes promises to me
Of love and things which cannot be

If only I will follow its plan
To risk it all and save this man
From throwing away a life of dances
Upon the heap of second chances

I compromise and tell my heart
I don't expect you to be smart
Just please do not allow the pain
To find it's way inside again

So on and on and on I go
Reaping the fruits my heart has sowed
Capriciously he sings his song
Expecting me to play along
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7 Responses Feb 22, 2012

"For it lies and makes promises to me". You write with a clear understanding. This is very beautiful.

This is very good. I hate to have to say I understand but I do...

Beautiful poem - your words are so true. "For it lies and makes promises to me of love and things that cannot be."

I can relate to this one all to well. Very well written my friend. :)

Well said, well written. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Thank you for sharing your poem :) I enjoyed reading it :)

I feel some of it. Dealing with the heart is one of the hardest battles of life. I sometimes wish I can rip it and throw it so I won't feel any pain.