A Not Smart Heart

And why can't I simply arrest
This mad thing beating in my chest.
For it lies and makes promises to me
Of love and things which cannot be

If only I will follow its plan
To risk it all and save this man
From throwing away a life of dances
Upon the heap of second chances

I compromise and tell my heart
I don't expect you to be smart
Just please do not allow the pain
To find it's way inside again

So on and on and on I go
Reaping the fruits my heart has sowed
Capriciously he sings his song
Expecting me to play along
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8 Responses Feb 22, 2012

"For it lies and makes promises to me". You write with a clear understanding. This is very beautiful.

This is very good. I hate to have to say I understand but I do...

Beautiful poem - your words are so true. "For it lies and makes promises to me of love and things that cannot be."

The majority of the time i think our hearts like to taunt us, cuz for some reason they know they'll win no matter what, and the sad part is despite the possibility of being hurt, we secretly always want to follow our hearts......i guess the real question to ask ourselves is if its worth it. Thnx for sharing you poem, it was really beautiful, and i felt like i could relate to what you were saying.

I can relate to this one all to well. Very well written my friend. :)

Well said, well written. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Thank you for sharing your poem :) I enjoyed reading it :)

I feel some of it. Dealing with the heart is one of the hardest battles of life. I sometimes wish I can rip it and throw it so I won't feel any pain.