B E A U T I F U L !

This is an ABCDarian Poem for 26 reasons.  Each verse begins with a different letter of the alphabet  - in alphabetical order.  More than that it rhymes and even scans - if you read it properly.  Lastly it is not just an abstract poem - each line (as dictated by the title) describes something beautiful we encounter most days of the week especially if you happen to live in LONDON

A pple pie and
B right blue sky
C aterpillars and 
D ogs passing by
E P and all the joy it gives
F rosty the Snowman
G umboots in the rain
H appiness and everyone who lives.
I  rish songs and laughter
J ack - and also - Jill
K ings & Queens of England
L ords & Ladies follow after.
M en who love to sing and dance
N  ostradamus in a trance
O striches with heads stuck in the sand
P olice who smile and let you have another chance
Q uestionnaires you never understand. 
R abbits in their hutches - fat & fluffy
S hips all trim and sailing on the tide
T ap Dancers - neat (and never scruffy)
U mbrellas blowing inside-out-inside.
V iolets in the springtime - oh so pretty
Women dancin' jigs to Galway Bay
X-Factor hopefuls sing a tuneless ditty
Y oung Ones seeking fame day after day
Z oos where they muck out to earn their pay ! 

England has some of the most beautiful Parks in the World !

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Mar 20, 2012