I Met Myself On The Street Today

I met myself on the street today,
I was looking rather pale.
My eyes were red, my hair unwashed,
I didn't look too well.
I tried to find the courage,
To ask me what was wrong.
I've known myself for quite some time now,
We used to get along.

He looked at me with anger,
I've never seen me this way.
My cold blue eyes were full of hate,
I had to turn and look away.
He told me he was suffering,
From choices that I'd made.
I said to him, you make your bed,
And then, in it, you lay.

He screamed, why do you hurt me?
Why should I be sad?
What did I do to deserve this pain?
Have I really been that bad?
If love can move a mountain,
If love solves everything,
Why the hell am I so lonely?
Why the hell did you give in?

I wish I knew the answer.
My logic turns to dust.
Sometimes there's no good reason,
Sometimes love is not enough.
He left me standing at the lights.
Don't think we'll meet again.
How can I live without me?
How will this story end?
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This is amazing !! I love it !!

That was so goooodd!!!

Hi enjoyed reading. .. thanks for sharing

Awesome!! Together you'll be w

Whole again.


Wow, very good writing. Thanks for sharing.

Wow fab love it very touching and I'm sure lots will relate :-)

I have done a lot of writing myself but this one really hit a place I didn't know I had. Thank You for writing this incredible poem !!

Thank you!!!!

Wow !!! ... "?" ...


I once was fine, I once was normal,
until trouble came on the double.
My friend came in my time of need,
I could tell her heart did bleed..

Abnormal movements took over my body,
then my brain went a little crazy.
My heart wished I could could run in front of a train,.
My dignity was in tatters.

Why oh why did this happen to me?
Four years and finally a diagnosis for me.
An expert in motion disorders was thorough.
She has to confirm it by showing MDs a video of me.
First they have to scan my brain.
Hope they can in get my body to slow down.

I hid in fear of what others might say to me.
This was now my nightmare reality.
Only one thing good came out of this:
My love to express myself with poetry,
though nothing will ever be the same.


Moving hit a cord in me

Thanks very much :)

Amazing and beautiful poem! Well done.

Thank you :)

Fantastic, thought provoking. Great poem:))

Thank you :)

******* awesome.

Glad you liked it :)


Thank you :)