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i dispise that it's from my control. it happens precisely as it am right. i'd been cheated by u two. forgive sounds good, but forget i do think i never could. u two totally haven't a clue that the quantity of i want to forgive u. as well as how much i miss u. but... when u destroyed the trust, u destroyed everything including playing. i don't know who to trust now. we three had so much sweet memory. and i need to discover how to forget all of these books.now,i try to disguise the hurt. just go on. when something is wrong,that i told myself that everything is going to be ok. i could handle everythig, cause that's me, that is playing. Your article is useful for me,thank you.welcome to our Christian Louboutin sale Christian Louboutin shoes Christian Louboutin outlet  

luni111 luni111
70+, F
Mar 26, 2012