Love Is The Recognition Of Beauty.....

A flower doesn't stop being beautiful just because somebody walks by without noticing it, nor does it cease to be fragrant if its scent is taken for granted. The flower continues to be its glorious self: elegant, graceful, magnificent and astonishing.

As you can see, our Mother Nature has provided us with immeasurably valuable teachers that blossom despite their short lifespan, stars that continue to shine even if we fail to stare at them, and trees that don't take it personally if we never bow down in gratitude for the oxygen they provide.

We have an incredible and unlimited capacity to love, forgive, celebrate, and joyfully live our lives, but the question is: can we do it like a flower? Without needing to be admired, adored, or even noticed? Can we open our hearts completely, without hesitation or need for reciprocity?

Sometimes we go beyond taking things personally and are noticeably deflated when unappreciated. In-fact, devastated, we wilt in sorrow and then attempt to guard ourselves by withholding, with all sorts of protections and defenses. We get hurt (even angry), if our boss fails to recognize an astonishing feat, if a lover pulls their hand away, or when a friend forgets our birthday. Can you imagine a flower copping an attitude for not being praised, or the moon dimming its glow because we're too self-absorbed to notice it more often?

Make an effort to shine no matter what, to love unconditionally, and to be a kind and gentle soul (even when nobody is watching).

And, if you're so inclined, hug the next tree you see, and say "thank you".

Love is the recognition of beauty
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Rootstolife you are a writer you say so much that's so real, you know how to express.I am glad to have this opportuity to read your writings and your name fits you.<br />
<br />
Thank You Again.

Suzy, thank you for your kind compliment, I'm so glad you enjoy my muses and rants... Flattered immensely now ;-)

I love the title of this.

This is something that makes me realize a lot of things. Thanks for sharing!

You write very well.....nice :):)

You do flatter and make me blush sometimes Lex ;-)

*Giggles*..I do??...well you really can write very well....I've read your stories even if I didn't comment it ya know..*winks* :)