Good Advice By K.a.w (me)

As you walk into the silent night
And look back upon your day
Can you see the deeds of goodness done
Or perhaps the evil of your ways?

Can you hear the words you spoke so freely
Were they heard or shoved aside
Did you help another soul in need
Or did you leave them in their strife?

Can you smile on the things you've done
Or do you hang your head in shame
Did you always do what you thought best
Or let other lead the way?

Can you say you learned your lesson well
Or were your errs repeated
Did you stand in triumph over fools
Or was it you who was defeated?

Think about these things, my friend
As you pass into the night
For you will not reach the morning
If ou never lived amongst the light
karmazrevenge karmazrevenge
36-40, F
Apr 27, 2012