This Boy

I like this boy with red hair,
He smiles with his eyes shut and his palms open,
like he's trying to catch falling wishes so he can save them.
He's always trying to save things.
For a while I was in this fight with life,
and things weren't looking too good for me,
I lived through my pain by finger painting with my blood.
I carved hope into my skin hoping I could find someone like him.
He saw me crying one December morning,
I was on my roof in nothing but a cardigan and some shorts,
and my tears were hanging off the roof as icicles.  
I was about to jump, ready to fall into frozen days
where nothing really is the same...
but he saved me...and told me i would be okay 
and ever since that day I can't help but look this boy in the eye 
and see magic, like September snow here at home.

I like this boy who isn't afraid to share.
he comes from a flashy state with beaches and bars,
I call it freedom, he calls it prison.
I guess sitting in California for too long is like kissing the sun.
You get hot and sticky,, never get to see snow, and one too many sun burns.
He likes the country better.
There's something about how in spring it's seventy degrees but you can still wear a light sweater, he says.
I don't really see the excitement about this town, but it's not too bad when he's holding my hand.
I'd rather walk in the sand,
so me and him could get crushed by the weight of one million feathery waves crashing on top of our chests,
that way he could feel how heavy my crush is for him.

I like this boy,
he laughs with his eyes shut,
I place my hands on his open palms,
and maybe he likes me too <3a

arianna21 arianna21
18-21, F
May 5, 2012