The Meet

Written for Tannedhorse an EP member on the 7 May 2012

Eyes meet accross filled room.
Heart pounding inner boom.
Watch her closely perfect body.
Clothes well kept nothing shody.
Hair flicked see come on smile.
Step bit closer takes a while.
Legs look great as hands are shaken.
Braless boobs if i'm not mistaken.
Sensual lips move to greet.
Muscel tone be great in bed sheet.
Knowing smile says it all.
Lead away to darkened hall.
s touch first lust passion.
Dress removed in very quick fashion.
Body curves explored and played.
Unexpectedly geting laid.
Passion rising just to much.
Stiffiled moans from orgasmic touch.
Embracing til the pleasure runs still.
Smiling to each other at liberating thrill.
Eyes meeting a farewell glance.
Knowing smile it was my only chance.

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May 7, 2012