Panda's Are Perfect !

This amazing picture was painted
by SURREALREALITY it is perfect !
It captures all the elegance of the eyes
and lovely smile.  I love PANDAS 

PANDA PANDA - black and white
Kool by day and hot by night
What immortal hand or eye 
Could frame thy awesome symmetry ?

What was it in creation's past
That formed the perfect bear at last ?
To what heights did GOD aspire 
When he formed thy inner fire ?

And your visage - black and white
Visage of a CLOWN - all right ?
Unique in creations art
He made the sinews of thy heart,

What the hammer - what the chain
In what furnace was thy brain ?
You made the PANDA - nothing finer
And with a smile placed him in CHINA !

You made the stars in Heaven - wander
And then - your masterpiece - the PANDA !
PANDA PANDA can it be - that he who
Made the GRIZZLY BEAR - made thee ?

PANDA PANDA - black and white
Kool by day and hot at night.
What immortal hand or eye
Could  frame thy PERFECT SYMMETRY ! ? 

both of our Pandas will be NINE in
August and should make an ideal
Breeding pair. The female is called 
TIAN TIAN which means SWEETIE.
The male is called YANG GUANG
which means SUNSHINE ! We hope
they will breed. There are less than
2000 Pandas left in the wild in CHINA.


Apologies to William Blake ! 

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7 Responses May 7, 2012

Made in China<br />
I think that the only original China made _____ at least not fake<br />

What a sweet post. I love the painting and the poem. Sweetie and Sunshine rock as well. :)

Adorable painting and poem! Love it <3

They are so cute, especially the mother and baby Pandas. A nice tribute to these wonderful creatures.

sweetie and sunshine they look so cute.

you are a light in this world ws!

OH My Gosh! I'm so honored! Very nice post. I see all these great things in nature and these magnificent beautiful creatures and there is no doubt for me that there is a great creator that made all of these perfect things. Pandas are so lovely. And it's a shame that there are ONLY 2000 out in the wild. I hope Sunshine and Sweetie breed one day and make baby pandas. Thank you for using my drawing. This makes my day :D