Prose Poetry Entitled: Desire, A Woman's Story

At first glance, he's is but an ordinary man; but I fear to stare into those gentle eyes of his. His eyes are as Lucifer. Beneath the angel of light is a demon, who steal away my soul or at least my heart, if I am foolish enough to give him an opportunity. Call it sluttish, the way I long for his bed. A spark inside me would betray all my loyal lovers for a small taste his manliness; to know the feeling of his hands as the caress my breasts. For one night to be slave to his desire. To live in such a ways as to give myself to all my fleshly desires and know what it is like to live in one passionate moment where my desires fly free, like the wind across the prairie. To forget who I am, in his arms. I long for the moment when my womanhood is finally validated. I toss and turn the whole night long, wondering what it is I have waited like a good little girl for so long. When I see his eyes, my longing gives birth and I am on fire. To me it is the nectar of Gods, that I dare put my lips and sip. I want to drink in his beauty and worship his body. To give myself over, body and soul to one night of earthly delights. For just one night, to call him master and let him know with my very breasts how deep my passions run for him. I am like a river that flows in his life. A moment under the bridge and then forever gone. Just one night of magic to satisfy this devious, lustful girl.

Note:  Unfortunately, I finally did get close to the muse for this story, not sex, but very close.  Unfortunately, the man I thought he was and the man he turned out to me are two very different creatures.  But it is still a good poem.

JustBernieGirl JustBernieGirl
31-35, F
May 8, 2012