Only The Wind

Hey you, how have you been?
It's taken a lifetime just to spend
a few moments with you.

I'm fine, oh but how I've missed your voice.
It has taken so long, but not by choice,
just to find you, it's true.

Well, loneliness has be my companion
without my only true champion;
but I can't seem to find you
so I can only cry to the wind.

And I have held my head up for so long,
pushing feelings down to appear strong;
but inside I'm dying
and can only pray to the wind.

No one can hear me
but inside I'm so empty
waiting for my reason,
but this weight is so heavy.

But I long for you like always,
seeking that moment with you
in every stranger's eyes,
but all i ever hear is the wind.
manymarius73 manymarius73
May 9, 2012