Lust, Not Love

My simple blunder constructed my fate. Wandering from the crowed was my great err. You saw my leave and came with stumbled gait To steal my virtue, taint my skin so fair. Smell of spirits on your breath made me shy. Alas, my lonely heart drowned my good sense. Releasing my fear, I hoped love was nigh. T’was lust not love you took at my expense. You roughly asked for my virginity. A brute you became with my frightened “no.” Pinning me down with much brutality Beast! You thrust and tore, killed me blow by blow.  This act you’ve committed broke me inside Now you haunt my dreams and peace, I’m denied
ginger1776 ginger1776
18-21, F
2 Responses May 9, 2012

It's really ******* me off that it won't let me do the line breaks I want

i like your construction. chivalry is dead