Bohemian Night

Threaded bodies captivated in sexual dialogue.
Moving adroitly across sin soiled sheets.
Flames ignited by lust
Desires met with deep potent thrusts
Feeling unashamed
Worried free of what tomorrow brings
Broken vows; guilt filled hearts.

They continue.
Engaged in precious hymn
Poetic lyrics flow graciously;
As the two converse
Escaping in each other
Becoming fugitives of time
Unchained to promise
Indulged in bliss.

M. James
Coubert Coubert
26-30, F
1 Response May 10, 2012

Absolutely Brilliant, Deserves a Standing Ovation & Flowers Thrown to the stage ! Imagery was vividly plastered in my head ♥

Thank you Ms. Tierra! happy someone likes it :-)