My Poem. Please Judge

*The Last Cleric*

In the absence of the truth,
A lie shall take its place,
And falsehood and deception,
shall assume the poise of grace.

Shall we become so blind?
That our tongues should cease to taste?
Or our ears fail to grasp the sounds that pass...
In the times but fleeting haste.

If erring days have dawned,
that marked elaborately,
the advent of untruth's true form.
What is this behoven upon we?

What task doth mark us in the face,
As stand we on quickened ground.
Save vanquish the falsehood from this place,
That once donned graces gown.
(c) 2012
Lifesmith Lifesmith
26-30, M
1 Response May 10, 2012

thanks dear ... Suddenly i know why i write :-) all over again.