H O N E Y !

H  ONEY  is a great natural sweetner
O  NE  SPOONFUL  of honey = one of sugar
N  OT  ONLY  is it sweet it contains vitamins & minerals
E  VERYBODY  loves honey with its unique scent & savour
Y  OU  SHOULD  have a spoonful every day !

HONEY  is made by bees who collect pollen
They return to the hive and the pollen is coverted
into honey and collected in the wax honey combs.

To produce cultivated honey the combs are in trays in the beehive.  Keeping bees is a lovely hobby - but make sure you don't get stung. Aways wear protective clothing especially to cover your face and hands.

Not a SPACEMAN - just a Kenyan bee-keeper 
removing a comb fro
m his hive !

Honey in the morning
Honey in the evening
Honey at supper time
I love the taste of honey
And I eat it all the time.

This is  reflected in their names: 
Russian        MEDVED
Czech           MEDVED    
Hungarian   MEDVE
Polish           NEIDZWIEDZ

All these words mean HONEY EATER.

CANE SUGAR is SUCROSE which is a molecule
of GLUCOSE combined with a molecule of FRUCTOSE
HONEY  is mainly a mixture of GLUCOSE & FRUCTOSE
which makes it easier to digest.  It is also rich in
B VITAMINS and POTASSIUM. Always eat Local Honey !

Dedicated to my own Sweet Honey Bee ! 

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3 Responses May 11, 2012

ooh pooh bear...my cuddly hero! love pooh and honey!

Honey stops my hiccups two tablespoons and they stop.

I love honey and this is a sweet tribute to it! KataBlueEyes, acacia honey is Australian and we have it here too of course! In Tasmania, where I spent much of my childhood, there are quite unique honeys due to the native trees like leatherwood. People love to keep bees and make their own creamed honey. WS, did you know about the ants that make honey? The aboriginals used to dig deep for them to have a sweet treat.