Flower In My Backyard

I write usually whenever I am feeling down, and thinking about things yesterday left me feel that way. Late in the evening as the sun was setting I was strolling barefoot in the lawn and came across a patch of dandelions that made me smile. I started thinking how people viewed them as weeds yet they only flower for a brief amount of time before changing and moving on. Here's a poem I wrote about the largest one I saw, a bit corny I know but thought I would share.

I have a friend, whom looks good in yellow,
Her beauty lies deep within,
As careless observers pass without notice,
To appreciate the journey she’s been,

She draws to me unlike no other wildflower,
Ubiquitous, wherever I go,
Firmly rooted to the earth, with graceful strength,
She stands firm for everyone to know,

Her metamorphosis ahead, I wonder is she afraid?
Why change from an image we receive?
Is the caterpillar afraid to enter his chrysalis?
Or ready to transition to the splendor she believes?

So, I reach out to nuzzle your golden mantle today,
Where tomorrow a willowy mane will appear,
Then I’ll bring you to my lips for one final time,
And release your beauty, my dreams, on the air.

Jaclyn9 Jaclyn9
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

Very good poem. Loved the ening. I can just picture all those litle parachutes wafting through the air to land helter skelter and willie nillie as the wind carries them along.

Very nice hon, I liked it a lot! I love dandelions, they have such a beautiful yellow color, rich and full. <br />
<br />
Though I must say the third stanza is really about you isn't it? Our inner feelings often seep into what we write without us really realizing it. Be strong hon.