I L O V E F L O W E R S !

I         C H R Y S A N T H E M U M S

Every species of flower is beautiful - in its own way.  A flower seed contains DNA which is the genetic code for a specific flower and contains the blue print for species - colour - scent - stature etc.  God   determined each biosynthetic pathway to ensure the visual and olfactory perfection of each flower. This week we celebrate the awesome  chrysanthemum - enjoy.

 DELICATE  pink powder puff blossoms
Beautiful reclining in their beds or indoors
Incurve - outcurve - pretty pompoms
perfect flower that never bores !


PERFECT  pompoms in my garden
Here when other flowers wane
They retain spherical beauty
In the sunshine or the rain !


EVERY  colour of the rainbow
Red orange yellow - blue and green
Deepest indigo and violet
Most colorful I'vie ever seen !

CHRYSANTHEMUM  the perfect house  plant
Always well behaved indoors
Never droops and ever perfect
Does not drop petals on your floors


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3 Responses May 12, 2012

I love flowers too, I was just smelling orchids last night, like the first pic.

My brother bought my mother a chrysanthemum.It is violet.

Just saying the name chrysanthemum bring a smile to my face. I did not know the flower came in so many colors