Mother's Day

Random pieces
Memory bits
I don't know what to say
I looked at a panda and wept
I looked at a panda and smiled
And wondered if your collection has taken over yet

Mother's Day hurts
When you don't have a mom
Or worse, she's still alive
But estranged

I've been bleeding all day
Mother's Day

I left, it was my choice.
Staying hurt too much
Every time I saw you
I came away bleeding
Gods, your tongue is sharp!
And I curled in a ball and cried

I've been bleeding all day
Mother's Day

I hope he takes you out to lunch
And that he got you something sparkly
Another ring, perhaps
Sapphire or ruby or emerald
Whatever it is, you chose it
Watching home shopping channels;
He's not good at gift giving.

I hope you showed it off to your friends
The bauble he bought you
Maybe more than one this year
The second year I've been gone
Today, of all days, I know you've thought of me.

I've been bleeding all day,
Mother's Day

I wish there could be peace between us
But that's not possible
Wherever the truth lies, you'll stand by him
And insist that your actions were justified.
I am, after all, your crazy daughter.

So I stand at a distance
And gaze sadly west
Despite all the pain I love you still.
And my heart bled.

Have you been bleeding all day?
Mother's Day?
Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
1 Response May 13, 2012

ohhhh plaid my poor dear sis =( I dont have the most harmonious relationship with my mother but this poem made me feel so much compassion for you. Im sorry that this is how it is my sis. *hugs*