Broken Windows

on my body scars are easy to find

but you should see the ones on my mind

for I am shattered like a pane of glass from the window of my eighth

grade class, which was broken by a kid with pure rage whos parents said

it was just a stage, they were wrong for the eighth grade is long gone yet

I remain the same still unchanged still tormented still won't admit it,

thinking if I say nothing it will be okay, but this isn't somthing that just

goes away no it stays and gets worse by the days that pass how long can

this last before my life comes to a halt,people say it wasn't my falt but

few can realy see, a day in my shoes would change all of thier views

about me. I saw things no kid should see been places no kid should be

done things no kid should ever do but I never once thought that it was my

falt, but what if others did I didn't want to do it I was just a kid, now I am

a man but can't understand why evil people always have the upperhand.

sometimes I wish I had died at birth because this life is a curse that never

ends I can't tell my family can't tell my friends.

I can see where this is going but I don't want to go, I don't want anyone

to know that I am slowly letting go one peace at a time how long can I

last untill I have to pick up the glass from the broken window of my eight

grade class.
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May 14, 2012