A D U L T E D is K O O L

I started SCHOOL when I was five
And stayed there 'til sixteen
I learned to read and rite and things
History and lists of Kings
The structure of birds beaks and wings
And why we have a QUEEN !

When I left school at sixteen 
I threw my books away
And got a job at a Clothing Store
Greeting people at the door
Hopin' they'd come back for more
I loved it every day !

BUT .......... They said I'd have to study
At night school every week
How to smile and bow and scrape
Help a lady with her cape
And not let shoplifters escape
And turn the other cheek

Now I'd been brought up proper
My deportment was good  (SEE PHOTO)
I'd lend a hand to shovel snow
And give high fives to the folk I know
My teeth they'd sparkle with a Colgate glow
I did not just stand there like a block of wood !

I studied hard - I studied fast
All my exams were quickly passed
And so I qualified at last
To work inside the STORE
I missed the door (but not the cold)
I dreamt of freezin' (when I'm old)
Now I'm inside as good as gold
I'll man the door no more !

I studied retail trading
How to run a Fashion Floor
The ins and outs of fashion
I sold garments with a passion
And really brought the cash in
Now I'm the owner of the STORE.

The moral of this tale I guess
Is always strive for more not less
Don't leave your work place in mess
Don't spend too long at dinner
Remember now the golden rule
That learnin' doesn't end at school 
That Adult Ed is really kool

and you'll come out a WINNER !


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1 Response May 14, 2012

Is Ed your first name?<br />
Your totally right, education never ends...