Life In My Own Death

Free soul, one who has found my shadows
light exposing naked truth..
watched and heard unspoken myth..
I let you touch me..just like that

You held my hand, lead it to unfamiliar place.
I'd stop every change of paces, doubting every moment of silence
Hungering, dried from road humidity
but you seem to never notice my exhaustion..

So I begged to be fed..
Instead you clung a chain onto my neck,
"work so you may live," in tone irrecognizable
so this what I am to you. and this what dying is.

From a short mile travel,
I finally didn't move an inch
those arms arrogantly pulling harder with strength,
I suddenly fell on my knees, heard heavy steps scowling from accepting proud defeat.
A grim whisper hushed, "serve so you may live,"
I laughed, endearing death in this moment,
"Not in your pathetic dreams," while i skittered from breaking chains
I crawled away, haunted more by clanking metals..
strange hands offering life in rustic chains.
Then a hand no one like the others..
soft and ravishing white.. pulled me up short of breath..

"Escucho Mi flor.." my eyes glint from the lightness of clouds
I'm soaring high..
pursuitoftheblackwidow pursuitoftheblackwidow
31-35, F
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thanks! :)

Wow I love it keep up the good work!