Malicious Woman

You do not know all the facts nor bid you righteous;
Unjust in your views and your judgements....
You think you look grand and smart but truly outrageous;
It is laughable the way you think and manage arguments.

I think you are pretty funny being so mindless lacking reason;
I think it is pretty obvious that your idiocy makes you less pretty;
Alas; you still think yourself something special like in a raving fashion season;
You think everyone should listen to you like the "it" new item so lofty...

Ha ha ha I do not think you know just how hilarious you are;
Such a pompous attitude corrupting the entire space like laughing gas;
Yeah I do not think you are intelligent; no not at all so you bare;
Pride comes to a fall especially driven by a stupidity mass.

You think you could hurt me with your farcical parades;
Think again I am not at all entertained rather like apathetic spades.
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
3 Responses May 15, 2012

Very well said.

I truly am so tired of others out here who so easily assume an authoritative stance with things they know nothing about. It really has worn me out. Mostly because of my realization some years back that I am the authority of my life. Also, so many assumptions seem to be made by others as if they know, and they didnt do the years and years of searching, researching that I did. I just cant seem to laugh at it anymore. I am truly concerned moving into my parents house in a couple days. Dad has it bad..He was an army drill sergeant and mom is born again christian. But that is my childhood home..I have told them both that we need to just have fun and that I truly must have calm and no drama and judgements or trying to boss me..I am 49...its too late for them to change me, I will change myself when I see the need

I like this piece. It reminds me of so many peeps I run and women. The suit is gone in the shower and only their bare nakedness is left, ya know? I doubt when they look in the mirror in this state that they are so impressed?hee hee

Yup they are really miserable trying to make others feel the same...sharing the pain so that they may not be all alone in their suffering LOL