One Eighty One

It can take 181 days to fall in love
It can take 181 days to die
It can take 181 days to have a closeness than ever before
It can take 181 days to know it was a lie
It can take 181 days to become attached
But like Trey Songz said Love can feel like a heart attack

181 days...
1+8+1=10 or should I say 1+0 which equals just 1 of me standing
We ended like a crash landing with no understanding...
Two souls intertwined during our good times
That mental connection,fell blind in the bliss fullness we captivated in eachothers mind

In the blue skies we soared
During rainy days it poured
When anger got to me I swung my fists
During heated times shed call another Miss
Never feeling good enough she'd run to the next
I didn't feel loved but I know she adored my sex
wanting to believe she was my best friend but in the end she called on another to help her mend
I would have soaked sheets in the morning
My body cried all over
I would drink away my sorrows and scream take a shot for me
Because I only wished her body layed in the casket next to me
Because my heart got ripped out and cursed times ten
Bcuz I knew her love I could never win
Bcuz I knew she would never really understand my mind
The bullet she held as I screamed inside
Stomach aching as she giggled on the line with her boo
My legs got weaker bcuz I knew
That in stage 2
Its the stage of a love lost
And my future endeavors with her was the ultimate cost

So don't be alarmed that in 181 days better yet in 6 months time
The ups and downs of love can leave you paralyzed and feeling like a victim of a love crime
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May 15, 2012