Patience Pie

Patience Pie



Pecans, you’ll need about a cup.

Shell them with a hammer. Start with light gentle taps that

morph into louder rhythmic smashing.

As bits of shell and pecan meats fly everywhere,

you may sweat  but it will feel good.


Tuck hair neatly under a bandana to look more composed.

Take rolling pin and lightly tap pecans into small bits.

If walls become splattered and not enough bits remain on counter,

 go to store and buy a package of chopped pecans.


Allow creative juices to flow within you.

Mix melted ¼ c. butter, ¼ c of brown sugar and pecans.

Lay this gooey mixture on bottom of glass pie pan.

Roll out  piecrust until it is like a thin, thin veil and cover pecans.

Peel six apples. Different varieties make for a better experience.

Spirals of outer skin give way to an exposed lower core.

Discard when ready.


Chop apples into bite size pieces and integrate.

Mix it up with two Tbs of flour, 1/8 ts. Nutmeg, ½ts of Cinnamon,

½ c of sugar, a drop or two of lemon juice and integrate some more.

layer mixture on top of first piecrust.  There are always layers.

Place remaining crust on top. Make slits on top.

This will  release any left over lower vibrations

when things really heat up to about 375’F.

Bake for 45 minutes, it may seem like eternity before the crust becomes golden.

Release from oven and let it cool for about 10 minutes.

Carefully balancing, turn the pie upside down on platter.

The look is different. It may not be what you expected,

but the taste and sensation are the same.


Put feet up and relax. Enjoy its aroma with a cup of tea.

You’ve been waiting so long but I think

you’ll want to be here to experience this.

Sweet apples, pecans with a dab of  whipped cream dusted with bittersweet chocolate.

A touch of pain in the pleasure reminds us of our self-worthiness.

As cream drips down your chin, tantalizing tastes from the palate

ground you from head to toe.

Clarity flows and you realize that this is a fresh beginning.

It is Divine Patience Pie.


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