The Power Of Our Love

LOVE  is a very powerful force
Like a magnet drawing us together
LOVE  is the primary cause
Why two in love can brave the weather

LOVE  alone can brave the storms of life
Life takes many twists and turns
LOVE  alone can face the internecine strife
That in the hearts of all the unloved burns

LOVE overcomes life's barriers and woes
LOVE helps us conquer all our fears and foes
LOVE keeps us daily on our toes
LOVE takes us up to heights where no one goes

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2 Responses May 16, 2012

Filial love is the best

This is so beautiful, so true, and speaks to my own heart. Forget about the's the content...the truth that speaks to me. Love is a powerful force, and the primary course to brave just about anything together. To be loved, and lose it is a terrible cruelty. To be unloved and gain love gives strength, and is a soothing balm to the unloved heart. All worries fade away. Life's trials and tribulations fade into the background, when love surrounds, you, enfolds you, and picks you up in it's arms and twirls you around. This is how it is for me, and you expressed it so wonderfully.<br />
W.S. This is just lovely. I love it. I just love it. And, the graphics and colors enhance the beauty and truth of your words. This is my favorite.