Mental Operating System 5.0 (that's An Old Version!)

Mental Operating System 5.0
boot up the ROM
Load up the song
Compute compute compute
If my desires dont defeat me
Then I'll continue forward  on the stream of 1s and 0s sweetly
If I'm Ad-Aware
Then viral spectacles wont pervert my sight
depleting my RAM
DOS damn
it's the master plan
keepin me off and under the table
processor unstable
got me too paranoid to do my research
and that's one of the reasons I’m here
If I update my drivers to make hardware compatible
defrag the hard drive to make it more manageable
Let antivirus software dig around this graveyard like a mole 
corrupted data will become whole
If I come to a fork in the trail
Then I pick one and leave the others with my exhale
Else I mess up, get tangled in the wrong side
of the world wide web
get shocked by a bus loaded with spiritual parasites expectin' me to pay homeage with my life force
@*@*@*@* that
takin' the wrong side of the road and get hit by a busload of spiritual parasites expectin me to give up my livlihood?
@*@*@*@* that
If security is compromised
Then I'd wonder whose ego you're trying to attack,
as the operating system of this machine is set to detach
in order to analyze the informer and the informed
and come to conclusions outside of the programmed norms
imposed by scared inklings in the basement
catalyzed by too much information
But I know
I know
that sometimes I'm kinda crazy
doin' **** that don't make sense
 illogical at the time
and it's only when I look back behind
then I see the design
but it's not the way I'd like to see it in real time
I guess I'll have to deal
to make my life as real
 as can get
and I bet
that if I continue on the course I'll be set
to balance the odds
fight for the cauz'
and leave this place a little better
help us all withstand the weather
just a little better
it seems I'm here for this time
so I'll rewrite mine as
a constant flowing rhythm of rhyme until the day of my epitaph
You can read my last laugh

way old
seeyaHarI seeyaHarI
2 Responses May 19, 2012

I like this poem, its jargon related to real life(metaphors are nice). Cuss words appear in asterisks so it kinda ruins the flow of your poem..

Maybe I should switch to Linux eh?