I L O V E P U P P I E S !


PUPPIES  are lovely
PUPPIES  are sweet
PUPPIES  are cuddly
PUPPIES  are neat !


On tends to think of some dogs
as always big and large
Standing guard at a big front door
or sittin'  on a barge
I stopped off - to have a sushi
I felt just like a Yuppy
And at my feet serene and neat
was Yoko Ono's  Bulldog Puppy !
OMG I kissed it ! ! !


Kittens they grow up as cats
Tadpoles metamorph to frogs
The major prob with puppies
Is that they transmute to dogs !

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3 Responses May 20, 2012

Consider this. There are countless strays out there with no where to go no home to call their own. A barren cage at a shelter awaits many of them not many come out alive so please consider a shelter mutt instead of breeding for "interresting puppies" There are countless purebreds too so please don´t buy the doggie in the window its most likely the result of breeding at a puppymill. Please don´t go to the greyhound tracks and bet on the greyhounds they are running for their lives on those confounded tracks it takes seconds for them to reach the finish line if they make it through the entire track quite often they collide on the first and second bend and if they get hurt they are most often pts why it may not be deemed economical to have them taken care of eg surgery cast ect ect. It is far cheaper to have them pts no muss no fuss. These are usually young healthy greyhounds that could live a long and happy life as a family member so please for the greyhounds sake don´t bet on them don´t go for night out at the dogs consider rehoming one of the many hundreds ofgreyhounds just waiting fo a new home a real home as opposed to a kennel they are used to let a greyhound race into your heart I did and have no regrets.I am the fortunate owner of three greyhounds and one whippet and can honestly say I love my four lads.

White Spirit you must remember that greyhounds don´t take up a lot of space what they need is love and care yes I live in a flat and we have enough space all of us greyhounds are used to very small spaces kept in tiny cramped cages anything bigger than that will feel like a palace to them.Another misconception is that they are uniformely the same gentle souls to a certain extend they are gentle souls that is a given but they are individuals too and should be treated with understanding and respect. They do not need huge amounts of exercise or large spaces. They need two twenty minutes walk a day and to be let loose in a large fenced in paddoc three to four times pr week.They live long healthy lives anything between 10 and 18 years is not uncommon. However that does depend on anumber of things namely how they have been treated prior to becomming familymembers how many races they have under their belt old untreated injuries so on and so forth as well as genetics.Yes having any dog is a huge responsibillity. If the person wanting the dog can´t meet the needs of their dogs it is far better to leave the dogs where they are than take them home and then regret. Fot the dogs it is life and death for us it is a simpel matter of thinking before we ever contemplate the thought of having a dog in the first place.

Puppies are adorable. I love dogs, and had three, but they have all passed now. We had two from 8-weeks old, and the third was the daughter of the other two. A real doggie family. I just loved them too death, and they gave me so much. I wrote a short story about them. I would love a puppy right now, but it's not the right time. Lovely pics, and I know one of them is very special to you.

I love Jack Russel terriers.Just can't afford one right now.Maybe in the future.