Farewell To A Dear Friend..

Farewell to a dear friend

Last night I dropped my cell phone, it clattered on the floor.
Oh Lord I thought irreverently, can`t use that any more!
With heavy heart I picked it up, and placed it by my ear
A voice came from the earpiece, and it said “Oh dear…Oh dear.”

“Please treat this splendid instrument, with the greatest of respect,
I`ve suffered quite enough today because of your neglect.
You throw me down, you pick me up….press hard upon my keys,
And once you`ve punched the numbers in, why don`t you mention… please.”.

“Who is this speaking, who are you?”,” I said, getting quite irate,
“`Tis I,” came back a quick reply, “Oh seven three six two five double eight!”. ”
This got me really puzzled, whoever could this be
To start to chat, and just like that, before I`d touched a key?

“Now listen here, get off the line, I`m busy, that’s a fact”
“Don`t speak until your spoken to, don`t get in on the act.”
I waited for a moment then, clearly someone sighed,
“I am the Spirit Of Your Phone, you released me when I died.”

My heart sank down into my boots, was this some kind of joke,
Could a cell-phone have a soul, that came back to haunt a bloke?
I placed the cell-phone at my ear, as a tear-drop left my eye,
“It was an accident,” I cried aloud.. “I don`t want you to die.”

“Too late, too late my dear old friend, there`s nothing you can do,”
“So all I ask, if you don`t mind… don`t drop me down the loo.”
“Bury me with dignity, beneath your strawberry bed,
“The chlorine from my battery will make them rosy red.”

Those were the last words that it said, my cell had truly died,
A lump came up into my throat, and I broke down and I cried..
So now I see a cell-phone in a new and different light,
They are life long companions folks, that`s if you treat them right!

Geoffrey Kennell ©

Wisewords Wisewords
61-65, M
1 Response May 22, 2012

I really liked this poem..... Yeah I think cell phones are great friends :)