The Leaves Of Love On A Maple Tree

L ove
E xotic
A dmiration
V ital
E ternal
S ensual

She gazed out her glass window in her living room,
The natural world called for her attention,
The maple tree on her lawn was shedding its' beautiful foliage,
Hues of browns, reds and oranges fell on her lawn,
They were the shades of harvest,
The season of being ready for another change,
They danced with the breeze before resting under the tree,
Cascading down to join together in a pile to become a bed that beckoned to her,
The tree was preparing itself for the winter weather,
She stepped outside to participate with its seasonal hibernation,
She stood before the maple with head titled back and arms spread wide open,
And laid down to rest and dream upon the comforting bed of leaves it left behind.
woodlandwench woodlandwench
41-45, F
May 23, 2012