He Is The Maple Seed

S ensual
E rotic
E ternal
D ecadent

She rolled up her sleeves and began to dig her hands into the fertile soil,
The dirt embedded itself under her finger nails,
She paid no mind to that or even the green stains on her knees,
She was on a very important gardening mission,
A tree seedling rested in her palm to plant,
That seed would grow into the most beautiful maple,
It would be tapped for the sweetest syrop to taste,
She would place her lounger under it to rest and snooze,
It would be her place for shade from the burning sun and heat,
She knew that this one special seed she planted,
That it would provide her with the comforts that would always need.
woodlandwench woodlandwench
41-45, F
3 Responses May 24, 2012

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