M E D I T A T I O N !

When you feel you're on the brink
If your life is on the blink
If thing are grey and never pink
Stop and THINK !

If your well is running low
If your life's a funny show
If your fortunes COME and GO
Stop and THINK !

If your kids are running wild
If your partner never smiled
If your colleagues are all riled
Stop and THINK !

If your libidos gone
And your wife's run off with DON
And you're no longer number one
Stop and THINK !

You will find it's really great
To slough off your sad sad state
To close your eyes and MEDITATE 
Stop and THINK !

Meditation lifts your soul
Helps your set another goal
It will keep you on a roll
Stop and THINK !

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May 25, 2012