He Was The Roots Of The Maple

R aptured
O bsession
O sculating
T orrid
S ensual

The maple on the lawn had grown to such a magnificent  height,
The branches stretched out several meters on each side,
The emerald leaves were the size of tea cup saucers,
The sweetest maple was tapped every year,
This maple was so healthy that it had outgrown its allotted space for it,
The elegant foliage knocked at the windows,
She had two options for this problem,
Cut the branches down or transplant the tree,
She grabbed the shovel to dig in the soil to choose her option,
She discovered the roots were so long and thick from superior growth,
The roots of the tree were so deeply embedded,
That this maple could never be removed without damaging the tree.
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41-45, F
May 25, 2012