Imagine a thirsty moment
Your parched throat needs relief
Now consider me your water
And splash me against your teeth
Feel my soothing coolness
Dance upon your tongue
As I dribble down your throat
From your palette which I have clung
Now take another drink of me
And swirl me in your mouth
Cleanse your ginger breath
As you swish me all about
Take all of me and swallow
As your desires I submerse
And remember me my darling
Each time you might feel thirst

~ thatguy1970
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12 Responses May 29, 2012

Good poem. I think you mean "palate" though, rather than palette. Sorry, I know, it's a stupid spelling thing. Great writing.



Nice job! I like your rhyme scheme choice. Personally some of the lines formed some really inappropriate and most likely unintentional metaphors. My mind is floating in the gutter. Sorry lol

Water is valuable gift of God is what i believe :)<br />
Small portions of splashes it does bring relief !

in right places :)

Ok, I wrote a different response and then deleted it because it didn't quite explain my response to this poem. Hopefully this will---- WOW!! This is soooooooo hot! I LOVE it. You are very talented. ;-)

You are more than welcome. ;-)

Awesome!! what you wrote..:)

Great poem. Thanks for sharing.

You've captured the sensuality, raw sexual tension and wanton abandon of oral sex and made it dance across the page almost gleefully. You have a gift with words and a strong appetite for sexuality. It's a beautiful combination! I really enjoy reading your powerful poetry. :)

Isnt that how it always starts? A girl says shes thirsty and next thing she knows your breaking out the fire hose. Oh...Im not as good with words as you. Very talented.

very desc<x>riptive.. love this

That's a great poem. I couldn't have done any better, WOW!

Wow,,,Your good at this. I LOVED it!!