I Haven't Been On For A Long Time

I always thought of this websight as a, sort of cruch, something to lean on. I held, everything seemed to go my way, to finaly look up for me!
I finaly made a friend, a real friend,  he was excatly like me, qorky, bookworm, and obsest with vampires. Kids stoped picking on me, and my knee was getting better. i made it into the productions class next year. But now i am back here, my best (only) friend is moveing next year to De Vinci acatamy, it's a school, where kids arn't as picked on. School's over, but kids somehow got my phone number and it is worse then ever, my brother and i fight more then ever and he ALWAYS make me think its my fult. it feels like its to much to bare. i feel like i am being washed away with the ocean, drifting farther and farther way to when i was estatic.
shygirl130 shygirl130
13-15, F
May 29, 2012