A F F E C T I O N ?

AFFECTION  means Fondness or Tenderness for a person.  If I sign my letter Yours Affectionately it means a lot more that just signing it Yours Sincerely. Is it LOVE ? ?

A  FFECTION  is Fondness - I'm fond of you 
F  OND  of you - are you - fond of me too ?
F  INDING  one's true love can take quite a while
E  VERY  Girl's lovely who gives me a smile !
C  AN  your Affection morph into love - can 
T  WO  fit together - a hand in a glove ?
I   FEEL  your Tenderness when we're together
O NLY  The time will tell if it's forever ?
N OBODY  knows - Love's fickle like weather !


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3 Responses Jun 14, 2012

Wow, your so sweet

"ONLY The time will tell if it's forever" <br />
very true

affection... it means many things.. like a mother to her child.. she shows unconditional love and patience.. now with siblings they show love to each other but there is always that rivalry among them- love/hate relationship but at the end of the day, blood is thicker than water and family will stick together- they will show unity (but of course with dysfunctional family its a different story lol ) now with teen agers they show affection to their BFF's but it is hormonal meaning its them just being in high school friends or merely teen agers- im your friend today and tomorrow maybe not, with a girl to a boy and crushes they show lil gestures of affection- batting of their eyes, lil giggles if that someone passes by, passing of lil notes here and there, between a man and a woman wife/husband or lovers (lol) - they show the intensity of their passion, love, desire and understanding, sometimes even patience, showing of weakness (revealing their true self), another form affection would be of a person to animals- showing compassion or with the pet to their owners -loyalty, obedience, attachment and closeness.. then of a grandparent to their gkids would be fondness, devotion.. for each individual its different ... and as people get older and have real true friends that they've had for many years- loyalty, warmth and concern.. SHOWING of affection is a confirmation of one's love to the other..<br />
<br />
but at the end of the day- no one is perfect and that being said- we are just who we are and with the others who see us, will see us - as how they want to see us.. make sense? each day is an experience that we all learn from it.. <br />
<br />
thank you for sharing your poem.... have a great day!