Heart Of Glass

My heart is of glass
But it is covered in ice
An ice that will never melt
For it will never feel the heat of another

It will continue to freeze
In layers and layers
Until it has finially gone cold

There is a flame inside my tiny glass heart
A flame that will soon go out
The world is snuffing out that flame
And nobody is there to revive it

My tiny glass heart is breaking
Covered in cracks and scratches
Those cracks continue to grow
From the actions of those around me
And nobody will ever repair it

So I remain alone and cold
With my tiny broken glass heart covered in ice
The ice is the only thing keeping it from shattering
The ice must remain for if anyone was to melt it
My heart would surely shatter into a million pieces
And it could never be repaired

As if anyone would ever even try
xXStitchedxPoetXx xXStitchedxPoetXx
18-21, F
3 Responses Jun 23, 2012

I can be sometimes like that, people spend more time in a personal living which will do it.

deep! i liked it, its detailed i love that :) good job keep it up

why would you remain that way when maybe around you people just want to reach you and be your friend?sometime we have some bad experience but it doesnt mean we cannot try and take a chance again...