I Dreamed Of You

Always the dreamer, I wished and dreamed and imagined love. I’d spend my day dreaming of the magical prince that was to be. Closing my eyes trying hard, the face eluded me. And I could still feel that presence never far from my side.
This child would close her eyes and hold up her face and feel the kiss upon her lips. Warmth would fill her through, till her eyes opened and the presence disappeared once more.
I dreamed of you when I was hurt and scared. You were there waiting and I WOULD find you.
I dreamed of you wondering where to look. And I searched all over knowing somehow, someway you’d appear.
But I got lost on the way. I became tired of the waiting and oh love, I’ll never find you.
Then I remembered. When my eyes closed I could feel your touch. And renewed once more, I remembered. Again I began my wait. For the search and the desire you built in me.
CarlaW CarlaW
66-70, F
2 Responses Jun 28, 2012

You forgot the warmt of two arms holding you soft and gentlely. The warm of a soft words being whispered in your ear.

Yes this is a good sugestion. I will add this to my original.
Thank you.

You are very welcome, I'm just trying to help. I try to help when ever I can.

The Heart sees more than the eyes...

Thank you. Doesn't every little girl dream of their Prince Charming? You hope and dream and when you feel it will NEVER come true it appears Right in front of you. So amazed that your dream at last came true.