L I F E - I N - S P A C E

SINCE THE 1950's  America and Russia and other countries have been sending probes into space in the search for Earth like planets and extraterrestrial life. I am a member of SETI  (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and one is presented with some fascinating data. We are looking deeper and deeper into the Universe and you must appreciate that if a Planetary System is five light years away a probe travelling at half the speed of light will take ten years to reach its destination and  another five years for the data to reach Earth.  


This is an amazing photo. It show the star MICNOS rising on planet TROSA (third planet from Micnos) its two neighbouring planets DOSA (with its satellite) and QUOSA can also be seen. Micnos has seven planets for UNA (1st) to SEPTA (7th)  only Trosa is habitable.


Surface of DOSA which is too hot for life. Planets Trosa and Quosa are clearly seen and the Star Micnos.


The surface of QUOSA which is too cold to sustain life. This very interesting because again it shows Trosa and Dosa but also UNA in the distance. The star Micnos is also clearly visible. Quosa resembles Mars and Dosa Venus and Una Mercury. 

The equatorial regions of TROSA tend to be very hot and are inhabited by a  more primitive race than the polar regions. They obviously have highly developed technology but our resolution does not give us pictures of the inhabitants.


This city near the Northern Pole of Trosa is more sophisticated and again Dosa and Quosa can be seen in the night sky.


This is a very important photograph sent back from near the South Pole of Trosa.   What is important is that the vegetation closely resembles the trees on Planet Earth.  This encourages us to believe that life on TROSA is carbon based and that the "animals" on Trosa will to some extent be "earthlike".  I have always believed this because the terrestrial biochemical systems and cycles are so perfect that they could support  life on any "earthlike" planet.


Dedicated to all those who believe
"We are not alone in Space"
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wow w/p u surprise me at every turn... i have been watching the space station as it flys by my region, the last fly by flight, was amazing.. clear /bright