H E A V E N - I S !

I BELIEVE IN HEAVEN and people often ask me what it's like and how can we have assurance of Eternal Life.  I do know I have been with Christians when they die and they die peacefully with a wonderful assurance of Eternal Life in Heaven because of their faith in Jesus. My knowledge and understanding of Heaven is through faith in God & The Bible The Word of God.


Sometimes when the Sun shines behind
a cumulus cloud it reminds us of Heaven !

HEAVEN IS AWESOME !  The Bible says that the most spectacular things we have seen or heard on Earth - or imagined - cannot compare to the "Wonder of Heaven".  1 Corinthians 2 v 9

HEAVEN IS GLORIOUS !  The Bible says that "Heaven is resplendent with God's Glory. It has no need of Sun or Moon for God is it's light and Jesus Christ also illuminates it"  Revelation 21.

HEAVEN IS PERFECT !  The Bible says "Nothing impure will ever enter"  Revelation 21 v 27.  This is because GOD is perfect.  You might ask how can any Human Being get in ?!  The Bible teaches that we will be made perfect (righteous) because of Christ's atonement for us.

HEAVEN IS A PLACE OF JOY & PRAISE to GOD  "Then I heard every creature singing - praise and glory and power to God the Father and God the Son"  Revelation 5 v 13

HEAVEN IS CERTAIN !  The Bible says "God has given us Eternal life in Heaven - This life is from His Son - the Lord Jesus Christ"  1 John 5 v 11.  The Psalmist David could say "I will dwell in Heaven (The House of the LORD) for ever  Psalm 23 v 6.


Do you have an assurance of Eternal Life ?

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2 Responses Jul 2, 2012

You have a very good records...<br />
GOD bless you !!!

Yes ~ Faith is the ASSURANCE of things HOPED FOR...<br />
<br />
All answers are found in sc<x>ripture. Thank you for your diligence in study and for your beautiful gift of descernment.<br />
<br />
~ peace ~