G O D - P A R T I C L E

OF EDINBURGH.  In 1964 he proposed a theory
(The Higgs Theory) to explain why elementary
sub-atomic particles have mass.

PARTICLE  PHYSICS  postulates that the known Universe (of which we are a part) was formed by the interaction (at some point in time) of forces and elementary particle. PHYSICS (everyone's favourite subject at High School !)  explains the nature of these particles and their interaction in terms of a widely accepted framework known as THE STANDARD MODEL.
 In 1964 groups of Physicists explained how these sub-atomic particles could acquire mass using SYMMETRY BREAKING.  For the Standard Model to be correct it required the existence of a large theoretical (undiscovered) particle termed the HIGGS BOSON (HB). In an attempt to popularise science it was nicknamed THE GOD PARTICLE. Over a period of years experiments were conducted to confirm the Standard Model by synthesising the Higgs Boson. This required a massive energy source which only became available  when the large HADRON COLLIDER was built in Switzerland at a cost of £2.6 billion ($3.9 billion). 


On 4th July 2012  CERN  (European Centre for Nuclear Research & Particle Physics) announced to the World that experiments using the Hadron Collider had given conclusive evidence for the existence of the elusive GOD PARTICLE ! The Higgs Boson was synthesised by colliding streams of PROTONS at very high energy. The mass of the HB is 133 times the mass of a proton. It should be pointed out that HB's only exist for a fraction of a second and are detected by their disintegration pattern Particle Physics is a very transient and frustrating branch of Science especially when you note that Professor Higgs waited nearly 50 years for his Theory and his postulate of the HB to be vindicated. He doesn't drink instant coffee !

Dedicated to all Members of the EP Family who ask WHY ?    

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Great story....<br />
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I believe God does exist with or without proof.<br />
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FAITH blind faith.....is what we all must have. Sometimes we can't see what IS and that is okay!<br />
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Thanks for the new lesson Professor White

it is exciting to think that this discovery in and of itself can actually prove the existence of a multiverse theory . . . can't wait for the next generation of physicists to work it out . . . a very exciting time indeed . . .

Wow! That was a good explanation.