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The OLYMPIC TORCH came to Colchester Essex today and thousands waited in the light drizzle (well it is July in England) to greet the Torch as it passed through the Town.  It was a very exciting occasion for babies and the elderly !  We are only 50 miles from London so we are all excited about the LONDON 2012 Olympics and many of us have already visited some of the venues and many have obtained tickets for the Olympics and Paralympics.

OLYMPIC TORCH in Colchester Essex 8am Friday 6th JULY

LISA MARSHALL - Lowestoft - Many of the UK torchbearers 
have been disabled and chosen for their work in helping
others with disabilities improve their quality of life !

Not just to win but the joy of participating
Not the Triumph but the struggle to qualify
Not to conquer but to participate equally & fairly

In LONDON 1908 Britain won 146 medals including 56 golds - 51 silver and 39 bronze. In LONDON 1948  Britain won 28 medals. In Beijing 2008 Britain won 47 medals. In London 2012 our target is 50 medals and many more in the LONDON 2012 Paralympics. Of course for all the 538 athletes so far selected for TEAM GB - the greatest honour is participating on Home Soil and representing GREAT BRITAIN one of the few Countries to have participated in all 26 Summer Olympics.




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2 Responses Jul 6, 2012

Ohhhhhh! wow!!! :D Isn't the atmosphere electric and so surreal standing watching the bearer run with that torch. My family and i went to Cardiff and saw Matt Smith of Dr Who fame running the streets with it! OMG! It was amazing. Have you read toimjoflma's post on the Olympic Torch? This, very beautiful lady includes my name in her contribution. I was honoured that she did. <br />
<br />
May i say, your photo's are wonderful! Like you, my darling Ep friend. (If i may say) Yes we to,are all so excited about this event. And to be part of the viewing audience to see the torch being carried, well it was something else! <br />
Thank you so much for sharing your post! As usual sooooooo! interesting and informative. I thank you!!!! :D :D

Hoping for a positive result and successful Olympic ..