Alphabetical Pleasures

Autumn evenings
Blackberries (with apple)
Cuddly toys

Dunkin' Donuts
Fish & Chips (Northern !)

Going Home again
Holidays Abroad (anywhere)

Jelly & Ice-cream
King sized beds !
Lemon Drizzle Cake

Mountains (anywhere)
Night time meanderings
Opals & gemstones

Penthouses for rent
Quartets - String
Rivers (anywhere)

Silver jewelery
Toasted crumpets - open fire
Uniforms (any sort)
Violet Dress

Windows into space ......
Xylophones & Marimbas etc
Yachts & Cruisers
Zebras in the wild - awesome !

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4 Responses Jul 6, 2012

this is nice from A-Z

Loved this. Made me hungry. Must be lunch time. Lol. :)

Interesting opal never saw one like it.The closest to the wild I can get is the zoo,to see a Zebra.Been to the mountains.Fish n chips are good.

Sweet!<br />
I love the teddy bear!!! :)<br />
Hugs<br />