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Alphabetical Pleasures

Autumn evenings
Blackberries (with apple)
Cuddly toys

Dunkin' Donuts
Fish & Chips (Northern !)

Going Home again
Holidays Abroad (anywhere)

Jelly & Ice-cream
King sized beds !
Lemon Drizzle Cake

Mountains (anywhere)
Night time meanderings
Opals & gemstones

Penthouses for rent
Quartets - String
Rivers (anywhere)

Silver jewelery
Toasted crumpets - open fire
Uniforms (any sort)
Violet Dress

Windows into space ......
Xylophones & Marimbas etc
Yachts & Cruisers
Zebras in the wild - awesome !

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this is nice from A-Z

Loved this. Made me hungry. Must be lunch time. Lol. :)

I love the teddy bear :)

Interesting opal never saw one like it.The closest to the wild I can get is the zoo,to see a Zebra.Been to the mountains.Fish n chips are good.

hey so much light giving things you have chosen,i donty know how you always write such things which suit to my taste and all senses even.I have never gone so much away from my house except to my uncles'houses and any institution and so rare is that i have gone to any open area for picnic.I only see such places and get amused so that places are so good you have shown.i was commenting this and suddenly cool air came inside and i doubted my nerves that it's not air but effect of watching theses pics.lolzz but it was very air.thank you so much :)<br />
<br />

Sweet!<br />
I love the teddy bear!!! :)<br />
Hugs<br />