Poetry Is My Life

I don't get on EP everyday, but I do read my Yahoo messages. If you'd like, I loved for you to send poems to my Yahoo. I just want to read them. I will not use them for my personal use. If you'd like to read mines I can send you some as well. I'm trying to start a site or something like that were people from all over send me poetry and a few poet heads and I will give some honest, yet not too harsh feedback on it. I love reading poetry. That's what I do Friday nights. Lol =)

my email: jesscrudup@yahoo.com <3
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1 Response Aug 10, 2012

Hey, have you ever had to go a whole day with your socks halfway off you feet in your shoes because they kept falling down when you walk? Lol

Lol me too, how far do they like slip off inside your shoes?

Lol do both socks fall down or just one sock?

Lol do you keep pulling your socks up or do you just let them fall down