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The Land Of Fairy Tale And Rhyme

Where witches 'round a fire dance
Where all the woodland animals prance
Of ghosts of swirling mists do glance
This land of imagining by chance.

Beneath the celtic tree of lore
Lies a secret hidden door
With openmindedness explore
The true of heart it will implore.

For those who have heard the calls
Echoing into its hallowed halls
Collapsed the will and as it falls
Breaking down all the walls.

To light the way within the dark
Where devils speak and angels hark
Where Cerberus is heard to bark
And Cupid seems to hit his mark.

Between the heart and mind does shine
A place that's out of space and time
Within both of you and me align
The land of fairy tale and rhyme.




maltesemermaid maltesemermaid 41-45, F 3 Responses Aug 12, 2012

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Beautiful words and music that goes so well with that magical imagery..... :)

thank you Sie . . . I appreciate you . . . 8D . . . love ya . . . xoxoxox

I loved this one. A journey worth taking for certain...A place of wonder and enchantment and magic. Thank you for this one. *smiling* I must go and write now. kisses...

thank you . . . I am sooo glad you enjoyed my friend . . . 8D . . . thank you for the comment . . .

What a lovely poem. *smile* You took me on a journey that I really enjoyed. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

thank you my friend . . . I love when that happens . . . thank you . . . 8D