Gone..but Never Left.

love maybe a small word but has many forms..keeps us warm and makes us friendly..gives energy..lovers may part but love ..that stays back like a sweet memory...like the last autumn...like the rainfall...it blends all feelings and gives us a reason to live.. smile..and remember you..for you is what life means to me....you are lovable and cute. when you are with me..I can stop smiling..when you smile..I am lost in your eyes..watching you take your finger to the closed lips..a gesture to show..that i am kissed...and then you blink..capturing the heart within...I long for you today..to relive the moments we shared...so I am reading your words again....I need you..I want you...I am inlove with you....are you thinking of me too..for I am lost in you
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1 Response Sep 5, 2012

wow this is really timeless and breathtaking moments....

yes..took my breath away....